How We Do It

Working in sustainable harmony

Because of our scale, we are able to create a farm ecosystem that supports and relies upon the cows, the land and the people who produce it.

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Our cows produce over 100,000 gallons per day.


Electronic identification chips track all major life events including birth records, health care and vaccinations.


Our scientific breeding process helps us yield a majority of heifers (because you can’t milk a bull).


We have consulting veterinarians who visit every two weeks in addition to on-staff vet techs and we use only homeopathic treatments.


We grow organic feed specifically for our cows which is tested regularly to ensure that our cows are getting the nutrients they need.



Our comprehensive training program ensures that our team members are knowledgeable, prepared and supported.


There’s plenty of opportunity to grow with the company.


We bring in team members with specific backgrounds and focus.

Quality of life

We’re committed to providing a work environment that promotes positivity–allowing our team members to enjoy a healthy work/life balance.


Machinery and equipment

We are able to invest in top-of-the-line equipment that efficiently works the land.

Test and learn

With lower risk, we are able to test procedures and practices in an effort to develop new industry standards.


We believe that it all starts with the land – producing enough quality, organic feed for all of our cows.


We distribute fertilizer twice daily, directed by our nutrient management plan, farm operators and agronomists.

farmers at work

Precision farming

Our equipment has specialized GPS technology that helps us observe, measure and respond to changes with the land.

technology and farming

Water tracking telemetry

This technology tracks and helps us optimize our water usage in order to conserve resources.

Nutrient management plans

Our comprehensive nutrient plans help us manage and conserve the nutrients in our soil and water.

farmers at work

Natural Prairie Dairy has laid the groundwork for leading-edge organic farming. Take a look at where we come from.

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