What We Do

What organic means to us

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Natural Resources

Our land is fertilized by the nutrients our cows produce, replenishing essential nutrients.

Organic feed

By growing our own feed, we are able to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Organic land

Our land is certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Electronic identification chips

We monitor our cows’ major life events by using EID chips, tracking things like birth records and vaccinations.

Animal Welfare

We train each employee in excellent animal welfare and handling before they begin working on the farm.

Consulting Veterinarians

Our veterinarians visit every two weeks to help train and educate our employees and guide our care.


Prevention is the best medicine, so we focus on clean facilities and a robust vaccination protocol to keep our cows healthy.

Hospital Barn

If our cows do become ill, we move them to our hospital barn where they receive round-the-clock care.

“Organic is the conscience of modern agriculture.”

– Donald De Jong, Natural Prairie Dairy Founder and CEO

Take care of the cow

We ensure our employees do just that. A sustainable farm ecosystem means giving our cows the very best care.

Give back to the land

We believe organic farming requires the utmost respect for the land. So that’s exactly how we operate — giving back as much as we take while focusing on sustainability.

Meticulous = Quality

Everything leads up to creating the highest quality organic milk. We have been meticulous in developing a process that produces the freshest product that goes above and beyond traditional standards.

A day at Natural Prairie Dairy

Our maternity barn is where we house the future of our dairy – where our pregnant cows spend the last few weeks of gestation. Pregnant cows so close to calving go through a lot of changes, so our maternity team is specially trained to know exactly they need. They use the newest technology to ensure that our calves are developing properly.

This team is also trained in delivering and caring for our newborn calves. Because they are susceptible to infection and disease, our maternity staff focuses on providing a clean, comfortable environment and ensuring our calves get the nutrients they need. Quality care right from the start determines the health of our calves when they grow to join our milking herd.

Our dedication to organic farming doesn’t stop here. We utilize the most advanced technology to help keep our process efficient and produce the best quality organic milk.

How We Utilize Technology