What We Do

What organic means to us

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Natural Resources

Our land is fertilized by the nutrients our cows produce, replenishing essential nutrients.


During grazing season, our cows get the nutrients they need by grazing on beautiful pastures.

Organic Land

Our land is certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Consulting Veterinarians

Our veterinarians visit every two weeks to help train and educate our team members and guide our care.

Animal Welfare

We train each team member in excellent animal welfare and handling before they begin working on the farm.

Organic Feed

By growing our own feed, we are able to ensure it is of the highest quality.


Prevention is the best medicine, so we focus on clean facilities and a robust vaccination protocol to keep our cows healthy.

Electronic Identification Chips

We monitor our cows’ major life events by using EID chips, tracking things like birth records and vaccinations.

“Organic is the conscience of modern agriculture.”

– Donald De Jong, Natural Prairie Dairy Founder and CEO

Take care of the cow

We ensure our team members do just that. A sustainable farm ecosystem means giving our cows the very best care.

Give back to the land

We believe organic farming requires the utmost respect for the land. So that’s exactly how we operate — giving back as much as we take while focusing on sustainability.

Meticulous = Quality

Everything leads up to creating the highest quality organic milk. We have been meticulous in developing a process that produces the freshest product that goes above and beyond traditional standards.

A day at Natural Prairie Dairy

Cows are amazing creatures. They have excellent hearing and nearly 360-degree vision. That’s not all that makes them special. Their unique digestive system allows them to absorb nutrients from food that our human bodies can’t process, and then turn that into nutritious milk.

The reason cows can do this is because they are ruminants. Ruminant animals have a stomach with four compartments that help ferment and break down what they eat. This complex digestive process enables them to process things like grass, corn and alfalfa.

To make sure our cows are getting a healthy diet, we work with a dairy nutritionist. Dairy nutritionists have studied animal science and nutrition, and know how to meet ruminant animals’ dietary needs. Our nutritionist provides the recipes that we feed to our cows. This, in combination with grazing on our lush pastures during the warmer months, keeps our girls healthy and producing wholesome, organic milk.

Our dedication to organic farming doesn’t stop here. We utilize the most advanced technology to help keep our process efficient and produce the best quality organic milk.

How We Utilize Technology